A photo of an old printed photo which is very crumpled and worn, with fold marks and a dogeared corner. The printed photo is from a front perspective and in black and white. Centre is a teenage man standing, visible from the ankles upwards. He is wearing only a pair of tight black pants, he is posing in a bodybuilder stance, with his fingers hooked together and his arms turned outwards, to show the extent of his arm muscles, his skin is slightly shiny as though it has been oiled. His head is tipped upwards and he looks off into the distance. He has a fluffy dark head of hair in a messy quiff style. He looks calm and confident.
Ray Jones, circa 1964, 14 years old

Ray Jones, born 1950 on a council estate in Derby, a saxophonist, a freemason, an enthusiast of obscure experimental films and a collector of strange art prints, a Body Builder, a statue frozen in time, a mystery.

My deceased Dad, who died of a heart attack when I was almost 3 years old, is where I think I can mark my first awareness of hyperable bodies. They’d lift weights together my Mum told me, they’d run up and down the flights of stairs in their highrise apartment building my Mum told me. I still have a couple of his gym tops she gave me.

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