A person lies on a bed wearing pink and black leopard skin leotard and leggings, and black fishnet top beneath, also wears black gloves and boots. They have a pink wig and cap on, their face is covered by tight dark pink curls falling from beneath the visor of the cap. 
Metallic bronze and clear balloons are piled on the right side of the bed and hang in the air. Golden twisted ribbons hang from the balloons. 2 disco balls also hang from the ceiling. A red chiffon sheet covers a white bedsheet, which the person lies upon.
Katarzyna Perlak, Happily Ever After, 2019 (video still) – find out more

Hi, my name is Katarzyna Perlak, welcome to my virtual residency studio.

I am a London based artist of Polish origin. My practice centres around video, and performance. I have also expanded my work to incorporate textiles, sound, sculptural elements and modes of installation.

I engage with intersectional narratives concerning migrant, queer and women’s histories. Autobiographical experiences often form the starting point, which I then expand into inter-subjective dialogues, tapping into ideas of collective memory, shared vulnerabilities and desires.

I have been exploring the potentiality of affect as a tool for registering and archiving both present continuous and past historical moments. I have also been investigating the relationships between queer notions of utopia, hope and the concept of the ‘wish landscape’.

A search for aesthetical methodologies that problematize how history is written and traditions are represented continues to drive my practice. My work evolves through re-defining, re-contextualising and experimenting with affectual discourses and a constant engagement with questions exploring what tradition is, whom it belongs to and how it can be reclaimed by those marginalised within it.

During the residency period I will be developing a production, planning and reseraching for a new image work, which will re-tell British folklore stories from an Eastern European migrant viewpoint. Apart from learning about producing moving image work in using cinematic tools and way of production I will research British and Eastern European costumes and masks, which would play an important part of the choreography and visual structure of the work. I am interested in their role as storytelling vehicles, shaped by the intersection of collective memories, personal histories and socio-political visual codes.

Enjoy checking the research I will share throughout the month and if you have any comments or questions send them my way!

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