The initial plan was to create a loop map in order to represent the continues endeavour we find our selves in searching and freeing fish. But over the residency period I pursued on an end goal. That end being the Tree of life!
In older versions of tuner we have been deprived of Vegetation, leaving a more sterile approach. But this has been hard as I love trees. And now with this new reincarnation of Tuner and its updated water system allowing the ability of more vertical landscapes (rather than water line dependent), evolves for more irregular and hopefully interesting environments.

The landscape should be a challenge yet rewarding but not frustrating unless the point is clear. So I set attempting on creating a corkscrew river rapid! Below is a concept of this and it’s fabrication. For the boat to be able to achieve this sliding motion over water falls and rocks both it’s under the hull and surrounding environmental elements needed to both shared low friction physical materials, plus a buoyancy water system.

With the landscapes’ liner design we find our selves ending down a fjord like channel passage concluded by the ‘Tree of life’. The idea is that they hold the Lifeboat pods (Rockets), acting as launch pads. Ideally I wanted to design a more progressive style for the vegetation, growing and engulfing in size as we approach. Below are landscapes and life pods I managed to flesh out for this residence 🙂 .

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