Page 1 of the Dutil-Dumas message. The 1999 message is made of 23 images (or pages) of 127x127 pixels. All the symbols in the messages are created in black and white grid formation. This particular message is an introduction of numerical digits used in human civilisation.
Page 1 of the Dutil-Dumas message
A table of symbols that represent different physical concepts such as energy, density, temperature, etc. All the symbols are built using a 5x7 bitmap.
A table of symbols that represent different physical concepts

The Dutil-Dumas messages were sent out by SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) scientists in 1999. Different messages about the conditions on planet Earth were represented with special symbols designed to maintain a high level of information even in a noisy reception. The whole set of characters is made by small bitmaps of 5×7 pixels.

For my residency, I will selected a series of symbols and re-create them on the virtual art space of Hong Kong’s Cattle Depot Artist Village. I will also compile my own glossary for these symbols on the studio page.

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