A colour photo of a hand holding a fossilised sea urchin. The fossil is around 2 or 3 times the size of the thumb that helps hold it up to the camera. It is grey in colour with 2 rows of small dimples that traverse the surface on opposite sides towards central point at the fossil's top. The surface of the fossil is mottled with different tones of chalky white and grey. The hand that holds it has smudges of chalk on it's fingers. The background is out of focus but looks like a rocky beach, green seaweed, dirty chalk.
Fossilised Sea Urchin

My partner found this beauty on a recent visit to the beach at Telscombe cliffs. This little beast lived out it’s quiet life right where it was found, around 85 million years ago. It stayed in one place for so long it literally became stone. Like something from a myth or fairy tale. Unspeakably beautiful.

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