A colour photograph of a rock strewn beach and chalk cliffs. It is a bright day, with a few light clouds stretching out towards the horizon. The sky is a vivid, light blue. The sea is crystal clear. It looks cold. Seaweed, a deep, dark green, cover chalk rocks which are densely packed across ground. The rocks have fallen from the high chalk cliffs that form a wall on the right hand side of the picture. The cliffs are a wide range of colours; greys, creamy whites, yellows, browns, ochre and dark greens. It looks wild, a bit dangerous but beautiful.
The beach at Telcombe Cliffs

This is an image I took of a beach just outside of my home town. It is only accessible by some very slippery steps that lead down from a concrete under cliff walk way. The beach is well known for being a likely stop to find fossils. It also has some of the largest ammonite fossils in Europe. It feels wild and ancient and I always feel like a time traveler when I am there.

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