This is a collage-video. In the centre, there is a portrait-oriented moving image of an off-white t-shirt hanging  from a laundry line with some colourful pegs, in a sunny backyard. The backyard is full of random objects, like a wooden skim board with black ink design against the wall and an old, barely functional garden chair. The text on the t-shirt says “hanover mums love level dick” in red Chancery cursive font and a little heart symbol underneath. The t-shirt is moving slightly in the wind. 

The video is framed by a white and grey checkerboard pattern. The edges of the video frame are decorated with little stamps of cut-outs of photographic images. From the top left corner moving clockwise the photos are: a sparrow sitting in a tree; a little close-up of the words on the t-shirt; the sun in the blue sky seen through some trees; and finally a large red candle lit up against a scrappy wall. 

The fabric of the t-shirt is heavy cotton jersey and feels soft with a slight bobbly texture on the surface. It keeps its shape well, it’s not like one of those super soft thin jersey t-shirts. It is size XL. When I put it on it is an oversized fit and covers my body like a short dress. The sleeves are wide and flappy. It’s not restrictive to movement and feels loose, at the same time it makes me feel embraced and protected.

When I move my fingers over the area with the printed letters, I can feel a slight difference from the rest of the cotton surface. I ran out of time, but I hope to get the text embroidered, to make the feeling of the letters more tactile, and have more care infused in these words.

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