Our online residency programme offers artists an opportunity to share artwork, have a platform, develop new connections, have meetings with curators and arts professionals, and to build a new network. Residencies are flexible and can be built around your other commitments, allowing you to create, add and participate according to your schedule. 

Opportunities are open to UK and international artists, and last for one month, giving artists time to participate in a month-long, supported online residency programme. Meetings with videoclub / Vital Capacities’ curators and guest arts professionals will take place throughout the programme.

It was really important and great to have the chance to share my practice and process with three other artists who were new to me. – previous resident artist, 2020.

This residency taught me to distil my form down to the most critical elements without having to compromise the vision and feel of my art. – previous resident artist, 2020.

What we offer as part of the programme: 

  • Access to videoclub / Vital Capacities curators for support and advice, via group and 1-to-1 meetings.
  • Arranged meetings with UK and international curators and arts professionals through a talks and development programme.
  • An exhibition of your work at the end of the residency programme, as part of a group show with other artists on the residency.
  • Dedicated online studio and research pages, where you will be able to add your own work in progress, production and research you’re undertaking. You will have the choice in how to publish and promote your work using the “back end” of the website. We will give you a dedicated login to access and edit these areas.
  • Induction and support in using the website, with additional consultation with our web designer where needed. 
  • Promotion and marketing of your work throughout the residency period, using our global network to promote your residency and the final exhibition/showcase at the end of the programme. 
  • Training and support in how to make your work accessible online – working with a digital inclusion specialist, and learning how to add captions and audio description.

What we expect from you as a participating artist in the programme: 

  • To contribute to and participate in the programme by attending group and 1-to-1 meetings.
  • To add work to your studio and research pages at least 3 times per week. 
  • To participate in a final exhibition, contributing work you have made during the residency to the exhibition.
  • To make your additions to the website accessible by following our guidelines, using access streams when possible (such as alt text, captions), and working with our digital inclusion specialist.
  • To promote the programme to your networks and engage in marketing and PR opportunities.
  • To share and engage on social media that you are present on.

Costs to participate

Residencies last for a month, for which we need to cover web design, hosting, administration, curators and professionals’ fees, promotion and marketing costs. We’re a not-for-profit organisation, so all our income goes towards supporting our work with artists. We have budgeted the residency so that it is as efficiently costed as possible. The residency programme is limited to only 4 artists per month.

The cost to participate in a month-long residency is £995 inclusive.

If you are planning to apply for funding to support your residency, we may be able to provide a letter of support. Get in touch with us to ask about this: info@videoclub.org.uk

Application process and selection

If you would like to participate in the self-funded residency programme, you can make an application (see link to application form below) to us, and we will review your application within 2 weeks. Applicants need to be working with the following media: 

  • Digital arts / new media – including glitch art, net art, animation, videogames, mixed reality media (AR/VR/MR), etc.
  • Artists’ moving image – film, video, animation, videogame engine, etc.
  • 2-D visual arts that translates well to a digital context, such as photography, printmaking.

The programme is curated, and we will select based on your appropriateness for the programme; this will be based on: 

  • Strength of proposed idea for residency.
  • Fit with other artists and their work on the programme.
  • Track record and experience. 
  • Appropriateness of medium / artform for the residency. 
  • Availability for a certain month. 

Application form


(There are options to reply with video or audio for main sections – see application form for details.)

If you would like the form in a different format, email at: info@videoclub.org.uk


Deadlines for the following months are:

November 2021 – deadline for applications: 1 September 2021

February 2022 – deadline for applications: 1 December 2021

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