PRESENTS 2020 is now over. You can find details about the artists and the work they exhibited below. We hope to bring you another edition of PRESENTS in 2021!

PRESENTS is an online screening of short video works that don’t require an abled or physically present body in order to be performative. Ten sick and disabled artists come together to expand the idea of ‘performance’, presenting work that is embodied, immediate, and present without forcing bodies to conform to ableist norms of art-making.

Some works offer ways for us to dance together and feel connected to sick and queer community from our rooms. Others challenge us to radically slow down and match the pace of their words or their movements through the world. Many do not have a visual or do not have an audio component, highlighting what is present and what is absent. Each work feels like a gift, giving new possibilities for accessible art-making and relating to each other.

In addition to their video work, each artist has created a “score” for you to perform yourself alongside their work in your own home. The scores are invitations, instructions, challenges, and meditations that aim for you to feel the presence of the artist in the room with you.

All of the works, when necessary, are captioned and audio described. All scores are screen reader friendly or also come in audio format. Please use the “Accessibility Options” button on the top right of this page to reach other accessible formatting options.